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A' La Mode

Hey everyone! I’ve been super excited to share all about A’ La Mode and what services they offer to women of ALL sizes.  Watch an interview I did with one of the Owners & cofounders of A’ La Mode to learn more about their brand! I was super pleased with one of their newest services. I was able to go to their location after telling Jasmine (one of the owners) my size and a little bit about what I was looking for and I showed up to a dressing room full of clothes that were my size, and a style I liked. Some of the clothes were things I would have never tried or picked out for myself but once I had them on I was actually really pleased with how well they complimented my body. 

If you hate shopping for yourself, feel like you don't know how to dress yourself, or if you feel like you're in a rut with your own style choices I highly recommend using A' La Mode. They'll not only quickly get you up to date on trends but will help you find pieces that will help your work style seamlessly move into your night style. Happy watching. 

PS below are pictures of me wearing the styles Jasmine picked out for me! They're comfy and trendy. Thanks for readying/ watching friends. 

Stefani Nicole 


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