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Good mornin ☀️

today I am taking over the @meet_jovi account & I am so excited to share my day & my story with everyone!

For those of you that may not know I’m Stefani! I am married to my best friend Kelly, and we have a puppy named Albus. We live in a smaller city in Utah and we heave been married for 4 year. I love to share all things body acceptance, inclusive fashion brands, and positivity. While I try to always keep things positive I also share about our journey to parenthood through our struggle with infertility.

I know so many of us have pains and struggles in this life & I feel so blessed to have this community where I feel safe sharing mine 🤍

At the heart of everything I do and what matters most to me is to help women heal from the inside out. I can help women learn to advocate, stand up and love themselves but something I’ve not been able to do is give them something that will also heal the physical pain that they feel in this life. Jovi is the gift of no pain. In my opinion Jovi is a miracle. I’ve experienced the miracle myself and feel so blessed to be able to share this miracle with others.

If you’re interested in the science of how Jovi works click here to go to their website.

The Jovi patch gets rid of my back and knee pain so quickly! I have found I have so much more energy throughout the day, because my back pain is no more, when I am wearing my patch. If you have chronic pain for pain that comes every once in a while I urge you to look into Jovi. You honestly have nothing to lose because they offer a 120 day no risk money back guarantee.

Jovi is both waterproof & reusable. You can use the Jovi patch FOREVER. I’m so thankful for my jovi patch & the gift it is to me 💜

I have a link that you can use to get $20 off your order HELLOSTEFANI and you will be directed to the website where it will auto apply the savings!

if you have any questions please feel free to reach out! Xoxo 💋

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